Treetop Trail

Philadelphia Zoo

Video by Jon Coe June 2012



Philadelphia Zoo's new five-year Strategic Plan calls for the transformation of America's oldest zoo. The small (42 acre) urban site can't expand, so the plan is to "turn the zoo inside out" by interconnecting all of the animal areas with an interconnecting trail network.

This video demonstrates the first stage, the "Treetop Trail" for small primates and other arboreal creatures. This approximately 220 meter (720') long loop opened in 2011 and will be extended throughout the zoo.

The second part of the system is the medium-sized animal trail for great apes, big cats and bears which just opened. This will also be extended in the future.

The third system will be for large animals such as hippo, giraffe and zebra. All these trails will link a new series of flexible animal display and activity areas, as well as existing facilities.

Jon Coe Design congratulates Philadelphia Zoo for their innovative spirit and courage and is pleased to have helped in the conception and development of these systems in collaboration with CLRdesign of Philadelphia.

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