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Red Apes of the Rainforest

Orangutan is seen above entry

Photo: Jon Coe

Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles, California

This amazing orangutan exhibit allows the apes to move in a large circle with guests viewing from the center. Two overpass features allow the apes to cross above the guests. This display features Indonesian-style architecture and elevated walkways for the public while the orangutans overhead are contained by a large circular tent of woven stainless steel aircraft cable. Behavioral enrichment features include sway poles and artificial branches which move with the apes as well as artificial vines which can be mechanically raised and lowered by staff for cleaning and provisioning.

Entry to oranutan exhibit

Photo: Jon Coe

Visitors enter through this gateway under the donut-shaped mesh enclosure to view orangutans.

Jon was Principal-in-Charge for CLRdesign, inc., lead consultants. CLR staff Steve Checvala, Larry Dame and Polly McKenna made major contributions to the project's success. The mesh structure was built by Carlos Designs.

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